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Relay Checklist

This page is for operators to double check their work, as well as troubleshoot their relays.
Congratulations New Operator! 🎉 If you have made it here, you have likely just finished successfully setting up your first relay!
Your journey as a relay operator has just begun, however maintenance and upkeep is imperative to keeping a happy, and healthy relay for a long time to come.
Below you will find a checklist that has been curated to help you maintain your relay, as well as double check your steps in the process in the instance you run into any issues.
Please be sure to follow each step, checking off boxes as you go along to keep track of your troubleshooting/double checking efforts. You will need to screenshot the page and check off boxes in an editor of your choice.
If you still find yourself facing issues after following the checklist, you can reach out to a team member in the discord server.​

Relay Checklist:


  • Relay software is up to date. (v

Configuration File

  • ORPort set to 9001
  • SocksPort set to 0
  • ExitRelay set to 0
  • Log only notice setting is enabled
  • Nickname changed to something you like
  • Contact Info is in the following format:
ContactInfo <[email protected]> @ator: 0x...YourEthereumWalletAddress
  • If you are running more than one relay, make sure the "MyFamily" setting is enabled and filled in with correct values on ALL applicable relays

Network Settings


ATOR Dashboard