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Reward Claim

This page outlines the reward claim process and, for more technical operators, information on how to debug failed rewards claim

Reward Claiming Prerequisites

Once you have set up a Tor relay and it has been active long enough, other relays will begin to assign your relay a 'consensus weight', which is the basis of PoU rewards. If you are registered to the ATOR Beta Protocol, this also means that you will begin receiving Goerli ATOR rewards at an hourly frequency.
Importantly, the ATOR rewards are distributed on our gasless Layer-2 on Arweave. You can see your pending rewards from the ATOR dashboard in real-time. If you wish to then claim these rewards on Goerli ETH chain, you can do so directly from the 'my relays' page.
Important Prerequisites!
In addition to having a registered relay (see connecting your relay to register) that is actively contributing bandwidth and has consensus weight, to claim your rewards you need to hold Goerli ETH to pay the gas fee for the oracle and claim transactions.
On the 21st of August 2023, all ATOR holders with self-custody were airdropped 0.1 Goerli ETH. However, if you were not a holder at this time or need Goerli ETH, you can request it from the ATOR Development channel.

Help! Reward Claim Failed!

If you or a user you are assisting is having an issue claiming rewards, this guide should hopefully help! Over time, the steps in this guide will incorporate into the dashboard claim flow and become automated for the majority of users.

I can't see my relay / register my relay in the first place

In the majority of cases this is an issue with configuring your relay. This could be a number of things, but if you have gotten as far as knowing your relay fingerprint, it is worth doing a check on the Tor Relay Search tool to ensure users have a non-zero consensus weight and have configured their contact field correctly with @ator: [ETHEREUM ADDRESS]
Tor Relay Search Results - Results of interest are in red

I think I registered my relay successfully, but now I don't see it under my-relays

If you cannot see your relay in the My Relays page, check Tor metrics as aforementioned for a correctly configured contact field. Also check that you have connected to the dashboard with the correct wallet!
We can check the registration Smartweave current state to dig deeper into the current internal state of your wallet/fingerprint
On the Warp current-state page for the registration contract you can open two drop-downs from the interactive JSON, the claimable and verified relays. First check if the relay is in the verified relays list, which means that the relay is registered but potentially not showing on the frontend. If it is not in the verified relay list but is in the claimable list, this means the relay has not yet been registered. Anything definitely out of the ordinary here? Flag it in the development channel.
Relay Registry 'Verified Relays' contract state
Accessing these objects also helps to confirm the fingerprint for a user's ETH wallet, if they don't know themselves, for further exploration.

I have a relay under my-relays, and I have consensus weight according to Tor metrics, but I'm not seeing any pending rewards

We can explore the smartweave distribution contract's state to see if ATOR has been distributed on our Arweave L2. On this warp state link, you can see a JSON-like interactive object. Opening the claimable dropdown shows all of the registered ETH addresses and their total claimable ATOR (including ATOR they may have already withdrawn onto ETH).
One issue might be that there is a scientific notation in place of the user's absolute claim value, which is something being actively looked into (Sep 2023). If the user has a non-zero value, then there is no internal issue and it is likely frontend.
Note! There are a very select few ISPs which have blocked, which prevents dynamic metrics being read into the dashboard. Another pending patch (Sep 2023) is to circumvent the need to query Arweave directly for some metrics.

I see the correct claimable value on the dashboard, but when I go to claim, it either hangs or fails

Because the dashboard awaits an Ethereum event (the validator / oracle initiating the claim transaction), it is possible in the current iteration that the claim transaction is successful, but this is simply not reflected on the dashboard. Simply refreshing the page after a few seconds is likely to help.
Still not working?
1) Ensure you have Goerli-ETH in your wallet, and that the transaction sending ETH to the facilitator contract did not fail
2) Check your own wallet on Goerli-Etherscan and look for the ERC20 Token Transactions tab to see if you received ATOR tokens
3) If not, check the facilitator contract on Goerli-Etherscan for a transaction with methodID 0xfcd6d195 sending ATOR tokens to your wallet. If this transaction has failed, flag it. You can also attempt to re-run the claim transaction. Our validator servers will be upgraded to read these events and potential failures and respond in real time.
4) Certain wallet types are not out-the-box compatible with Goerli Testnet. For example, Trezor wallet requires additional configuration. If you don't even see an attempted transaction on Goerli Etherscan, or you cannot submit your transaction from your wallet, this could be it
Need more help? Flag it in the development channel.