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Welcome to ATOR Relay Education!

The beginning of your journey as a relay operator!

Hello Atornaut's,

This is a repository dedicated to teaching users how to configure onion router relays on their own personal computers. Onion routing is a free and open-source software solution that allows users to enhance their online privacy and security by routing their internet traffic through a network of volunteer-operated servers.
In this repository, we will provide step-by-step tutorials, guides, and resources to help users set up and configure onion router relays on their personal computers. We will cover topics such as virtual machine installation and Linux based operating system installation as well as choosing the right type of onion router relay, installing and configuring the software, optimizing relay performance, and ensuring proper security measures.
Our goal is to empower users to contribute to the Tor network by running their own relays, which helps to improve the overall privacy and security of the Tor network. By setting up onion router relays on personal computers, users can actively participate in supporting online privacy and free expression.
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned internet veteran, this repository will provide valuable insight and guidance to help you get started or advance your knowledge in running onion router relays.
Join us and start learning how to contribute to the Tor network and enhance your online privacy today!
Disclaimer: ATOR is not a subsidiary of Tor, nor is it endorsed by Tor. Any opinions or views expressed by the Tor team are not associated, nor a direct reflection of the team at ATOR.